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Artist Ella Forbes was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa where she was heavily influenced by the artwork surrounding her. She did not begin drawing at any specific age, but rather explored a constant fascination with the expression of mark making. Ella’s passion continued to grow throughout her childhood whilst her parents would gift her with books, videos and fun activities that put her creativity to practice. She spent a lot of time finding new surfaces, strange mediums and beautiful subjects to turn into artistic expression. She relished in the teachings of artists before her throughout high school and swiftly made the art class her home.

Ella was twelve when she first discovered a true fascination for tattooing and body modification. She continued to follow this fascination as it quickly turned into a passion, perpetuating the onset of her tattoo career. Ella has now been tattooing for more than three years, dedicating her time and energy to constant improvement. A large portion of her passion lies within the pleasure of providing individuals with the personal transformation they seek. She finds joy in the unique story that each tattoo holds and aspires to illustrate each individual’s storybook.

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