The Best Tattoo Artists in Iowa

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Josh Fields was born in Southern California in 1975. He became involved in art from a young age, training under celebrated local artists Charles Bibb and Laurie Zaiger. During this time, his art was also displayed in the Cedar Rapids Art Museum.

After receiving his first tattoo at the age of 19, Josh Fields set out to become the best tattoo artist in Iowa. He trained at the legendary Hardcore Tattoo studio under Hank D. Bertka. In 2010, he went on to found Platinum Rose Tattoo Studio.

In addition to hosting the best tattoo artists in Iowa, Platinum Rose also features art exhibits and live music, as well as the best possible tattooing facilities. Josh Fields and a team of other artists provide the best, most exciting, perfectly executed tattoos in Iowa.

Tattoo Styles

American Traditional

Nothing wrong with tradition! The American traditional tattoos feature a bold but limited palette, crisp lines, and two-dimensional renders. These tattoos often feature hearts, women, anchors, and other nautical symbols. Harkening back to WWII, the American traditional tattoo is a great way to honor tattoo history. Platinum Rose offers the best execution of this exciting style in Iowa.

New School

Not so new anymore, this style was everywhere in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. A departure from American Traditional, the New School features crazy palettes, exaggerated shapes, and curvy lines. They also feature bold and crazy designs, drawn in a cartoonish or graffiti style. In order to avoid looking too cartoonish, you should enlist the best tattoo artists in Iowa, found at platinum rose.

Realism / Portraits

Only the best tattoo artists in Iowa can pull off realistic portraits. These tattoos feature the likenesses of politicians, rock stars, and artists you admire. Typically done in black and white, these tattoos have to be perfect — otherwise, you’re going to be the laughingstock of your local bar. Trust Platinum Rose Studios to paint the perfect portrait on your body.


Minimalist geometric designs are popular among younger people of the 2010s. Requiring finesse the best tattoo artists in Iowa can bring, these tattoos use minimalist color palettes and sharp, straight lines to create small shapes. Popular geometric tattoos include triangles, arrows, and circles, and are often done as a stand-alone project.


If you want a watercolor tattoo, turn to the best tattoo artists in Iowa. Watercolor tattoos look like free-form paintings instead of needle-pointed designs etched into skin. Boasting limited black lines, fresh rippling colors, and a dreamy palette, watercolor tattoos feature subjects that are personal to the person’s heart. Whether it’s a beloved pet or the symbol of your hobby, watercolor can memorialize it.


The best tattoo artists in Iowa can make your electric dreams come alive. The biomechanical style shows a cut-away of flesh, revealing metal inside. Ranging from wheels, to pistons, to gears, this style was popularized by science fiction and continues to be popular. However, it takes a lot of skill and technique to create a convincing combo of metal and flesh.

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